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Originally Posted by 32Fountain View Post
Did you guys consider buying an automatic instead of a parts breaking manual. Halfshaft broke on the 4th pass. I don't think that would have happened with the automatic. Plus, the 6A with a Circle D torque converter is faster than a manual anyway.

How much were you spraying on the most recent 10.4 pass at 129 mph.
We have an auto as well and we'll be building that one up. Ended up the halfshaft broke but the transmission was fine. Honestly the automatic is going to have the same issue with launching on a sticky tire and breaking the halfshafts. I agree that an auto with a good converter and tune will outshift some great drivers!

We were spraying a 150 shot but have had bottle pressure issues.

Yesterday we went back to the track with E85 and 20 more horsepower and some additional weight savings and did 10.6 naturally aspirated and 10.2 on nitrous, but again had some nitrous issues. We're hoping to fix those and go 9's!

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