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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post
This could end up making the car faster, not slower. I can tell you that when you start getting too much above 400tq, you end up spinning the tires and its no good. Even with the larger tires, unless ford wants to stat putting the computer from the GTR on the shelby to control the wheel spin (they aren't) its a problem.

Enter a car with a lower tq but a still reasonably high hp.. You don't get the wheel spin down low, but you still have all the usable power you want at speed. Doesnt sound too bad to me. It will mostly likely give all previous shelbys with much higher tq a run for their money at the strip..... i doubt it takes down the trinity but it will probably take down the rest.

Some additional info includes magnetic ride control and cross drilled carbon ceremic brakes with functional air cooling.
Agree. My other car is a bone stock 2012 CTS-V coupe. It has 556 hp and 551 ft/lbs of torque.

The next generation V is due to be unveiled soon. There has been much discussion about this very topic. Specifically traction, with many claiming AWD is needed for the next gen better put the power down and better the current V's 3.9 0-60 times.

The V is also more than a straight line performer, but also has established itself on the track.

The current V can melt the tires at will. I would imagine the current GT-500 has the same issue.

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