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+1 who thinks the front end is just awful. Im not a Ford nutswinger, I buy whatever I like. Nor am I a Track Star like some here, so getting to the next stoplight before the car next to me holds no interest either, I buy purely on looks. The Camaro and Challenger look great - the new Mustang, not so much. Right now I have a 2013 v6. Ive also had a 2011 Challenger and a 2010 Camaro.

The apologists can dress it up anyway they like - but the Camaro and Challenger stand out, hopefully they don't puss out like Ford did and go the corporate front end route.

What I do love about the new Mustang is the interior on the upper trims. That might be the nicest interior out right now. (GM take note)

Now that Chrysler finally got rid of the abomination that was the 08-14 Challenger interiors, I think they'll start selling a few more Challengers. Especially the way the new Fusion coupe is looking.
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