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Sean Reilly
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You are 1 Lucky man Steve!!......What the different driving modes do (Toggle switches on bottom of the center Stack) Well they actually tell the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) how "Touchy" the Throttle reacts with regards to the amount of foot pressure you put on the "!oud pedal" and it also controls the way engine Timing/Torque is pulled/Added durring shifts amongst a myriad of other things......Dont worry, just read up on her (Im sure you will get plenty more Responces right here at AFM!!.....Congrats! And Good Luck with Her!......I bet it feels just a bit more lively then the 2.0L that you came out of!!......As far as "Spicing" her up just a bit....Put at least 1,000 Miles on that Coyote 5.0 before you Throw any Parts, Tunes in her.....But thats just MY Advice....


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