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Sean Reilly
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Yeah, they added the "Pony Projection Lights" in 2013 (With Comfort Package) My Wife Loves them!.....As for having the Driving Modes Reseting once the power is cycled, well I think that is Fords "Failsafe" so as to prevent any surprises to a different driver (Wife) after one has set it up for "Track Use".........Same reason that Both Traction Control/Advance-track Revert back to active with every Power on cycle.......

I remember back when I had my '99 (The 1st year with Traction Control) And how MAD I used to get if I wanted to just jump out ahead of any X Brand car at a Light!....As the way it was set up back then, you would not only look like a complete idiot if you forgot to Disable TC. but you would actually smack your Lip into the Steering Wheel because of the amount of sensitivity (Nanny Factor) that Ford built into the early TC system!.Forget about the fact that the PCM would Pull ALL of the Timing out of the Engine, but it was the way that the brakes would react when you tried to launch Hard!.......I actually put a "Sticky Note" on my Dash just to remind me to turn off the TC!.....

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