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Originally Posted by kenv View Post
That`s $60k + the dealer "market adjustment" of up to $10k more. It happens every time in my area when a new "special" model comes out
Not all dealers are greedy, but that being said, when I went hunting for a 2013 GT500 this was the case. I asked my dealership to find me a GT500 and the dealers that had them wanted $10,000-15,000 above the sticker. My dealership ordered a new one for me at MSRP.

The other issue with limited production cars is that the dealers only get a few allotments per year. My dealership got two for the GT500 last year, and they are a relatively large dealership. I got number two.

As I mentioned in another thread, if Ford is gunning for the Z/28, the price will be close. It may not be $75,000 but it won't be $50,000. I think that Ken has a realistic price tag on it. The key is to find someone who will not gouge you on price.

Although some dealers think that the higher end performance car owners (Vettes, GT500, etc.) are made of money, that is not necessarily true. Many work hard, and want a reward for the work they do. I have worked three jobs for many years, two are part time, for 20+ years.

For those that think that the GT350 will be a touch more expensive than the GT, good luck with that. If the GT500 price tag was only $6000 above a base GT, don't you think that there would be more?

The production numbers will likely be based on orders from dealers, and not enough of them will be made to be in the GT price range or slightly above.


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