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Originally Posted by rpaulg87 View Post
Isn't the MT82 a known horrific transmission? I find it weird Ford uses it ONLY in the Ford GT\302, while Dodge\Chevy use the TR6060 in the Camaro SS\ZL1\Challenger R\T, SRT, And Hellcats\Vetts and Ford in the GT-500s....what the heck caused the change to the MT82? All I've heard is complaints though the TR6060 isn't without it's own problems.
This is just from my observations, but I can see Ford getting tired of dealing with Tremec.

The T-45 had a LOT of issues from 96-98, then when they updated it, it still had some strength issues with the new forks. That reverse gear setup was extremely problematic. Granted, this design was originally a Borg-Warner design, it was none the less Tremec that bought the product line from Borg Warner.

Next, the early TR3650 had serious quality issues with the forks and that pesky "notchy" 1-2 shift when cold. Ford spent mega-bucks installing update kits replacing lots of potentially damaged parts. The parts in these kits alone were nearly 1,000.00.

The 2005-2010- versions were better, but still, the third and fourth gear synchro rings don't last as long as one would expect even when everything is right.

To add insult to injury, it seems that Tremec could care less if an adequate supply of replacement parts are available to keep the cars on the road. Example: Ask a Ford dealer to get you a 3-4 fork for your 2004 TR3650... See how long it takes them to stop laughing at you! I doubt they will ever make any more of those forks. They constantly run out of gears and synchro rings and it often takes more than a month to get them back on the shelves.

If I were Ford, I would think about choosing another company to make my transmissions too!

Getrag had a good reputation on their previous products, but the cars weren't "beat on" like the Mustangs are. They have a whole set of issues all their own. I will bet that you can get the parts though...

I don't like the fact that the MT82 is a 6-speed, but it has only one gear that is an actual overdrive gear. Performance driving needs that 0.80 fifth gear to stay in the power band at high speeds and something around 0.50 is good for cruising.

This is where the Tremec 6060 has the advantage. People are pulling their Getrags and installing the Magnum XL like crazy.

Tremec seems to have gotten their act together with the TR6060 and Magnum series. These are still based in general on the TR3650 design, but they went from single and double friction sychros in the TR3650 to double and triple friction synchros in the TR6060 and Magnum. I wish we could now retrofit that new synchro design to the original TR3650. They would be sitting pretty sweet by now!

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