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Originally Posted by JJP SVT View Post
"Good thing I didn't test drive the '15 GT... "

The above is from the following post:

I stopped by the dealer that I bought my 2013 GT, SGM with 401A and 55D, from. They asked if I'd like to take out a 15 GT. After about a half a millisecond, I said sure.

The 2015 was black on black GT Premium with the Performance Package. It also had the Navi in it.

First thing I noticed was the exhaust... sweet! While it is OEM, as mine is, it sounded really nice... borderline exotic. Seats are very firm yet comfy and hold you in place. The shifter works well and the braking is very "flat" as in the nose didn't dive any. My GF was with me trying out every option in the car. "Heated and cooled seats?" Yes!

Pull on to the highway, and took it very easy (not my car) and enjoyed the 3.73s and the exhaust note. With more power and lower gears than my 3.31 equipped car, this GT felt really nice. The ride was very nice as you can feel the smoothness of the IRS.

Would I give mine up? No. Would we buy the 15 GT? We're talking about it.

Good thing I haven't driven the GT 350 yet...
Cool post. I haven't driven one yet, but I can't see it being much different than my 14. Same power. The only thing I like about the new 15 is the IRS and interior. The exterior though...damn I couldn't find the vomiting smiley

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