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Post your 2015 Mustang Reviews Here!

Had some free time the other day so I figured id swing by the dealer and see what they had, lucky for me they had one 15 gt on the lot. Premium with the track pack and a manual transmission. First impressions i really like the looks, much better in person. The interior is amazing, you can still find the hard plastic but I've owned a 06, 14, and a 11 and the 15s interior is very nice. The controls are simple to use for the my touch and as well as adjusting the driving mode with the toggle switches. I really liked the shifter and the mt-82 felt very smooth, none of the usual crunch or slop. The shifter also feels good in the hand. The seats were super comfortable and the quality is decent.

Since I was test driving and I was the only person to have driven it I couldn't really push it on the street to get a feel for the new irs. I can say that feels very nice on the road, very smooth, and quite. However the steering felt sloppy even in sport mode. It just didn't feel like it was connected to anything. Also I wasn't impressed by the power, it feels no faster than my 11 but I'm also tuned which is probably why they feel similar.

Overall if I was in the market for a new car I could see myself buying one, i really like the design of it and how the it drives. After seeing the gt350 though I would rather save the money for that.

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