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If you laid a flat plane crank on a table, it would lay flat.

Per Wikipedia:

The flat-plane or single-plane crankshaft has crank pins at 180. As they always move two pistons together, the Secondary Vibration is twice as strong (and half as frequent) as cross-plane, unless balance shafts are used, with a counter rotating pair flanking the crankshaft transverse to the crankshaft centreline. As it has nearly perfect plane balance,[16] it does not normally require counterweights. The crankshaft with less mass and thus inertia allows quicker revving up and down, in addition to the firing being LRLRLRLR or RLRLRLRL with regular overall and per-bank pulse spacings for uniform combustion without requiring a complicated exhaust system. The design was popularized in modern racing by the Coventry Climax FWMV 1.5 L (92 cu in) V8 that evolved from a cross-plane to a flat-plane configuration (with longer conrods). Flat-plane V8s on road cars come from Ferrari (every V8 model they have ever made, from the 1973 308 GT4, to the new 458), Lotus (the Esprit V8), TVR (the Speed Eight), Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren (the MP4-12C), as well as Ford (the Mustang Shelby GT350). This design is popular in racing engines, the most famous example being the Cosworth DFV.[17]

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