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Got my 15' GT today! First impressions and mods(hint: supercharger).

Hey guys, My 15' GT came in today!!! Just wanted to post my first impressions and the mods I'm going to do in the new future! And share my excitement!!

Anyways, Its a GT base with PP, Recaro seats, and All weather floor mats. I did not have time to drive it for more than an hour and could only snap a few pictures because when I arrived at the dealer, the sun was already setting. But here are my impressions:

Looks: This was actually the first 2015 I had seen up close in person haha, which might have been a gamble but I didn't mind the way they looked in the pictures. As most people I've read would agree, IT LOOKS WAY SHARPER IN PERSON!! I 'liked' the front end from the pictures, I LOVE it in real life. Especially at night, the front end looks mean! The rear end/tail lights, I don't hate but I liked my 13' GT's tail lights MUCH better. I will be tinting them very soon. My one complaint (thus far) is that about the rear tires, as I'm sure you know Ford widened the rear of the car (which I like a lot) but the rear tires/wheels don't quite fill the wells. Definitely will be getting a larger size once I burn through these.

Ride/performance: Again, keep in mind this is a very very rough *first* impression based on 1 hour of drive time in rush hour traffic. The car felt great around the turns/weaving in and out of traffic, a lot more planted to the road than my 13' Track pack. I could tell an immediate difference as far as the handling goes. I was very pleased and surprised. I now understand why everyone has been abusing the word "refined" when talking about this car. It's just simply the first word that comes to mind when comparing it to the old GT. The power was OK, definitely not disappointing but My last 2 cars were a heavily modded 13' GT and a heavily modded 07' Corvette. So this car (stock) is expected to feel slower. My only complaints: 1.) the transmission, although it shifted and felt MUCH better than my 13', it seemed very loud in the cabin. Every shift was met with a resonating *thump* inside the car it seemed like. I might be exaggerating, and I'm also used to my old vette's Tremec at this point. It wasn't terrible, just odd. Ford could have done a better job with the noise dampening. 2.) IT IS WAYYYYYYY TOO QUIET the exhaust is down right pitiful IMO. But That will be changing VERY soon

Well thats a quick impression! I will be updating the thread with more info and details on my mods for you guys to check out who are still waiting on your orders! Let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer!

Future mod list(of parts already purchased):
-Ford Racing Sport Cat-back (black tips)
-LED conversion kit for ALL the remaining halogen lights left on the car both inside and out
-JLT oil separator
-Eibach Prokit lowering springs
-VMP 2.3L TVS Supercharger
-VMP duel fan heat exchanger
-Custom VMP tune
-MMR oil pump gear
-MMR lower crank gear
-Rear tail light tint
-Window tint, probably 15%


2015 mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro seats, All-weather floor mats.

Ordered: 5/20/14
VIN received: 10/16/14
ETA: 12/11/14
Delivered: 12/10/14
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