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Originally Posted by AlloyPony View Post
For 2015, Ford is trying to turn the Mustang into something upscale. It's now getting out of many people's budget. I think it's a bad move. At one point Ford was selling over 100,000 S197 platform Mustangs annually. Why? Well, one huge reason was that people could afford them! Now it's hard to find a new GT on a lot anywhere for less than $35K and that's getting well into the range of many other nicer cars and even some nice slightly used Corvettes.
Part of the problem is that a lot of people think they need every single gadget that's been invented to be included in their car. As long as people are demanding certain items Ford, and other manufacturers, are going to find ways to include them. Sequential turn signals, adjustable effort steering, factory line locks and launch controls all cost money to develop. Until people realize that they don't really need so many gimmicks on their cars the price will continue to rise.

Then there's the safety and fuel economy mandates from the federal government that continue to fuel price increases as well.
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