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Well I'm happy to announce that I finally did it! I'm now the elated owner of a 15 GT Premium Coupe - silver - manual. It's beyond awesome. There was even a little surprise (at least to me) with the lighting outside (I won't ruin it but maybe everyone knows about it except for me?).

I'll post pics when I get a chance. I'm still learning everything about the car. It's a technology wonderland/nightmare combo.

I had to look up my axle ratio by searching for code GG which I believe is 3.31. Perhaps someone could verify?

For any fellow Colorado shoppers, I'd like to highly recommend the dealer I used. I'm not sure if the site allows me posting it so PM me if you're interested. I got a great deal and they treated me like gold. Another reason to PM me . . .I'll get a referral fee!
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