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Your very welcome, it just made scene too logical. I'm in the hunt to perform an engine swap on my 2011 from the 3.7 to the 5.0. Just purchased an engine this pass week, and looking at all the issues with this beast at lest limiting issues. Fact there are many running these 5.0 with no issues to boot. Some mightbe saying why would you do something that crazy. Simple the 3.7 tho a good engine has its limits, and very little after market support, a necessary factor as we all know. You can't build the 3.7 beyond 500 hp safely, some that have tried have lost all. The engine has unsupported chambers, good design for reducing production cost, but it leaves a limited Hp capable engine. This was confirmed to me by Livernois Performance. They took care of the issue with the 3.5 ecoboost by building upper cylinder support plates, which is a good fix the correct fix . But do not offer this with the 3.7, they say that there isn't much call for that motor. Petty this little engine had such potentials. The swap has already been done on a 2011 ranger so I know is doable just a bit costly. But I'm on my way already have the exhaust, harness and ECU lined out. I'm just lacking flywheel, mounts,and either change the trans, or the fwd trans body of the MT82. Wish me luck is going to be a hell of a trip. The hardest thing I'm going to encounter I think will be recoding the ignition key to the new ECU.
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