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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
Listen, the Mustang is a great car for the price (wow, those 2015's optioned out mid 40's, ouch), but even the PP versions have their limits.

My 2014 GT/CS is a cruiser, handles great for DD, but a track star it is not. I remember back to 1985 when I purchased my new 1985 Mustang GT, I thought I was on top of the world....until my ego got smashed and balls handed to me by a 1986 Fiero GT on the roads of the Hocking Hills in Fairfield County, Ohio. Even the SVO's couldn't out handle those Fiero GT's, especially the 1988 version with suspension co-designed with Lotus.

That Fiero opened my eyes to the fact that I truly was: "a legend in my own mind."

When it comes to handling, the Z28's, Porsche's, and Corvettes rule the road......unless you got a huge bank account to work with. If I had $100,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I'd be down at Chevy getting one of those Corvette Stingray Z06's.

Jedi Dave
I have to agree. If you want to understand the "track performance" of the "previous Mustang GT's," then go visit a track on open track day or a scheduled track event and look at the cars participating. Mustangs will be outnumbered at least 8 to one. The big numbers will be BMW's, Porshe's, Corvettes, and a few others. Time will tell on the 2015, but the weight - even with the new suspension - will limit the performance. Even the BOSS 302 - while being a "great Mustang," was just "barely competitive" with the top 3. That's not to say the Mustangs aren't fun on the track. But, they will be passed, frequently, by the "top 3."

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