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Originally Posted by rob47v View Post
I can't find XL-18 at any of my dealers. So since my car was bought used with no warranty, I dicided to go the motorkote route, and I must admit it works great. This is also a friction reducer which from all the rading I've done is what XL-18 is. If my car was under warranty i would not have tried such a venture, but to be honest keep in mind anything that happens is on me anyhow!!!! But It works, still not as smooth as my t56 on my last ZO6 but a huge improvement from the clunky hard shifts I was experiancing.
Are you over 60K on the miles? I ask because I've seen many folks here not realize the power train warranty is 60K and they think the power train warranty is the same as the 36K bumper to bumper warranty.
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