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Originally Posted by pdmustgt View Post
I see as a film of oil not wedge or exactly riding on wedge of oil. That flim help crank slide there is still some contact but it doesn't get hot because oil is taking heat away. There reason why I say this way after having long talk have oil engineer with engine program. Most don't see oil as coolant it cools bearings, crank, rods, pistons, camshaft, valve train, gears or timing chain.

Seems no one can explain how engine that's never shutdown in tell they take it off line for rebuild can wear out.
I stated it as wedge cause some technical statement are as so, they define it as a wedge of oil, but a film is actually more correct or easier to comprehend . But there isn't and shouldn't be any contact or at lest very minimal. This is man made there will be some flaw. Wear is inevitable no one can escape it. I really don't think that the issues with the ticking or knocking which is plaguing these engine from what I'm reading is do to bearing clearances. Specially with the engine I just pickup for my swap. It ticks when its cold but quiets down once warm, or more correctly stated at ops temp. Usually from my experience, if its mains the noise remains, or should I say bearings cause its more pronounced with rods than with mains. Now valve train noises usually get quiet or the decibels are reduced once the oil warms up and thickens. Thats what's happening with my engine the noise quiets down almost unnoticeable one the engine is at ops temp. That leads me to believe it to be valve train not bearings. What say you????
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