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Thanks for posting this, OP. I hadn't seen this one yet. I like the link to their first impressions as much or better: First Drives: 2015 Ford Mustang

Quotes of note:

"The harder you push, the smaller the car feels. The suspension soaks up road noise without bouncing you from lane to lane..."

"I drove the GT in a group that also included the Porsche 911 GT3, the Lexus RC F, and the Italian-superhero Ferrari 458 Speciale. It confidently, casually held its own in that heady company."

"This is the best mustang ever, the best ponycar ever, a mutant with DNA from the Fox 5.0 and the BMW e46 in seemingly equal measure."

One negative comment: "The Mustang GT is soft and wallows... in this group, I feel like I'm driving mom's Taurus."

There were more comments about the 'meh' nature of the interior than I expected. I think the interior is perhaps its single biggest improvement among many. They spoke very highly of the brakes... something I didn't push during my test drive. Sounds like the 6-piston Brembos are a big hit.

Among the top 3 in this group of cars is awesome news.

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