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2015 EcoBoost owner: quick review

I will start off by saying i traded in my 2008 V6 for a 2015 EcoBoost. Ive had the car about month. I waited to write review so I could really get settled into it. I decided to write up a few areas of focus.

IMO they did a knock out job with the IRS! its been said on this thread that it feels a little Euro and they are not wrong! I myself love the way it feels, its a good mix between MUSCLE car feel and TUNER feel. alot of dive when you get into some sharp turns but im hoping springs and etc. will fix that. accelerating out of turns the rear end straightens out nicely and rather smoothly. Def the best handling stock Mustang ive ever driven and it can only get better

DAYUM.... thats what it boils down to IMO pictures dont do it justice, when i was car shopping for a new mustang i was torn between 15 or a 13-14. what sold me was seeing a 14 and a 15 parked rear bumper to bumper. the deck lid of the 15 was easily 3-4 inches lower than the 14, it doesnt sound like a big deal but the ass of the 14 looked gigantic and bulky compared to the sleek fastback look of the 15, that was one of the main things that stuck with me. of course the rest of the exterior was super clean the front fascia looks so mean and they did an excellent job with the lighting, the tail lights are blinding and the body line are super crisp. And dont even get me started on the Interior! I got a base model and i feel like it is nicer than the 14 premium. Carbon fiber dash, leather accents, backup camera is a plus, and the big suprice was the base cloth seats dont feel like the cheap cloth of the s197 they feel and look like neoprene. Not a fan of the lumbar support it kind of bugs me but its tolerable and im thinking of taking it out and putting foam in there.

Power and Braking
Finally what everyone has been asking me about. Is the T4 for real? the simple answer is YES! no its not a V8 and to some the idea of a 4cyl mustang turbo or not is outrageous! But times are changing and i really love how the Mustang evolved. I bought this car as a Daily Driver, i live in SW Texas so im fortunate to be able to drive it year round no problem. Ive already put 1500 miles on it and im averaging 25.7 MPG for the life of the car. Not bad when you factor in all the "spirited" driving haha. So ill get into it my impression of this 2.3T engine. From a stop the acceleration is remarkable since its a turbo it does need a half second or so to spool and it works out because by time all the horses come out your off the line and the tires are already gripping the road. Feels great, gave me that big smile that speed puts on your face. from a rolling 30 its super quick and i didnt notice very much lag at all, rear end get a little loose when you stomp on it and the engine sounds pretty sic considering. Chief complaint with it is the braking, the brakes are tiny! and you can feel it, its not horrible or anything but for sport driving im definatley making that a priority on my upgrade list.

I guess you could say I love this car and Im happy with my choice, its not perfect but Theres alot of potential, I cant wait till they come out with more mods. My plans are better brakes, suspension,tune and exhaust. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

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