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Originally Posted by Radioguy View Post
I think that depends on what you call "regular use." The Challenger was 1 second behind the Mustang, and I bought the Challenger SRT 392 because it rides "on normal roads" so much better then my 2013 Mustang GT vert. The CHallenger SRT 392 has fully adjustable shocks and struts, from the dashboard, to give a soft ride with "Street" setting on regular roads - cruising - and very good handling on "Race" setting on track/twisty roads..... And in between on "Sport" setting.
I think at the end, they summarized with Camaro on top for the track, Challenger on top for straight-line ("stupid") performance, and for the best blend of the two, Mustang was the "champion."

The Challenger video ride was sweet (the non-track part). The guy was giddy! Even though I'm a too-loyal Mustang guy, Challenger is also the best looking of the 3 IMHO, hands down.

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