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2006 Mustang GT radio replacement advice

Hi Guy's
Has any one here have had a single din radio and the a double din
radio in there mustang? I am getting ready to replace the stock unit in my mustang! I will get a unit that has Bluetooth in it I also would like to have the ipod as well as the usb connection it the front of the radio. As looking at the radios only the single din radios offer this and I do not see any double din radios offering this option.
I have the shaker 500 stock unit still in the car but I have upgraded the stocl speakers too pioneer speakers. Also some advice with the install as I have seen some drivers here having problems after the install like the shaker subs making a popping sound when you turn the radio on. the fix? a diod to be installed?
then there are the install kits does any one know who makes the heavy duty kits one's that don't break!
thanks for any advice/help

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