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Well yes human side putting engine together. But I was talking about warranty guy at the factory on them having good or bad day. Thinner oil partly for emissions takes less engine power to pump it. Also clearances are a lot smaller but oils of today are far better. Most engine lines are automated with very little human interaction. There's troubleshooting but owner wants vehicle back now and not being understanding it takes time. Like this try telling owner to clear the code for coolant temp running low you to let truck sit 24 hrs cold soak without turning key on to reset ECM. Issue was t-stat rubber seal come out of place letting engine run cold. There are days I like to kick owner of the truck there the reason at times vehicle is down. I like to see others step in my shoes if they think being tech is easy because it's NOT. Owners think it's simple just replace the part send me on my way it don't work that way.

The reasons and why are not set in stone it varies everyday on warranty replacing major parts like engine, transmission, rear end or expensive parts. 5.0 you have to be sure there's no problem would be take engine apart. Think about this what that guy says it's a tick could totally different noise. I've been there before chasing a noise that wasn't there it was something else.
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