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Originally Posted by kn7671 View Post
I don't know about you, but driving and living with 285mm rubber on a 10" wheel up front is not enjoyable, and I think Ford always keeps the daily driver in mind.
Maybe 10" wide front wheels really aren't wide enough???

I rode around all last summer and most of the fall on 285/35's mounted on 18x11's at all four corners on my '08 GT and found nothing to complain about once I fabbed up an 0.025" (1/40th inch, that's not a typo) spacer to kill off a tiny bit of rubbing involving only the right front. Good ride, no tramlining, no odd wear, and as far as I'm concerned it could have been the car's OE fitment. They're that good. Actually, they're back on the car, courtesy of a warm window coinciding with one last track day Dec 27th and I haven't gotten around to swapping them off for one of my other tire&wheel sets.


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