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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Which brings you right back to questioning either the PP's calibration or its mission. And as soon as you start posting comparative track times, the fact that nobody drives like that on a daily basis becomes irrelevant.

The 1LE was intended as a car for about 2% of Camaro buyers and was able to be calibrated appropriately to that small and extreme of an audience. Truth be told, I think Chevy still left a little low-hanging fruit on the 1LE as released (*cough* , , , 10" wide front wheels . . . *cough*).

The PP is - admittedly this is a guess - a package for more like 30%, maybe 40% of S550 Mustang buyers, and has to be calibrated a little less aggressively than a 2% car. Technically not quite there (1LE) but far less likely to result in buyer regrets and ride quality complaints makes good business sense even though it doesn't fully satisfy the hardcore corner-carvers among us.

Excellent point.

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