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Originally Posted by B.Cooper View Post
I think you're taking a person's opinion a little personal. There are a few generations of mustangs and all aren't going to be fans of every one of them. I don't particularly care for this body style as much as the last but there are aspects of the car that are cool. To each their own.
Not taking it personally, just think "Boy Ricer Crap" is a little harsh for a mustang guy to say about the best performing mustang ever built. The Mustang is no linger about how fast you can go in a straight line. I have had about every mustang style you could want and Loved them all. There has been more than one I thought looked bad, or had parts on it I dont like (including the one I drive daily) but we should be appreciating the mustang for what is is, not getting stuck on what we think it should be. The greatest thing about the Mustang is how easy it is to make it unique to you, but if you don't like what someone else has done with theirs... its not crap, its just not for you. Ford has stepped up the performance game, big time, and this GT350R is the pinnacle of that game. Just because you don't like the looks does not make it crap, especially ""boy ricer crap"... of course those boy ricer crap cars have been kicking out butt on the road courses for years.... maybe we finally got something for them!

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