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Originally Posted by IceBlue View Post
I am not knowledgeable enough to know the ins and outs here, however, I find it interesting that the BBQ tick is showing up in the Boss engines and GTs, and many components in each are different, ie forged and not forged.

We know the tick is showing up in the GTs, and this includes the older model engines with the oil squirters, as well as the engines where the pistons are now coated with no oil squirters.

So there seems to be a common thread running through here.
Block or bearings makes a lot a sense to me.

But I am not an engineer or a mechanic, just using logic from observing what I read here.
Internally the Gt engine and the boss engine are the same. Same poistons, crank block heads. With the difference being exhaust cams, and the intake system. The oil squirters are only but I could be wrong on the F150 engines to help minimize detonation during heavy towing. The knocking or ticking issue is also pleuged the F150 engines. Its a modular engine issue, doesn't discriminate according to the flavor of car.
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