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Originally Posted by beetlespin View Post
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2015 GT Premium, 401A, NAV, security.
MSRP 40,205.
OTD (with TTL) - $37,700.

This looks way better then the X-Plan price......if true.....

If you take X-Plan pricing and add the NAV, Shaker Audio and Enhanced Security, you get my selling price within about 20 bucks.

Spent 4 hours negotiating the price. Selling price was 36,550 (with the $500 rebate) + sales tax on the difference between my trade which had a LOT of equity + Title and License. OTD was $37,700 (give or take a couple of bucks and some change).

I went on a slow, rainy Saturday when all the salesmen were standing around. I got quotes from 5 different dealers on similarly equipped cars. I picked the car that had been on the lot the longest, and it also had 500 miles (it had been driven from a dealer across the state). MOST of the negotiating was spent on my trade, but I knew there was room.

I finally told the sales manager - "We're just too far apart and it's 3:30 - it's time for beer and playoff football" and then put my coat on - he then went back to his office, came out in about 60 seconds and said "you win." I stuck around 20 more minutes and did the paperwork - and then drove my old car to the bar I was meeting friends at to watch the game. And hour and a half later, the salesman showed up at the venue to deliver the car and pick up my old one.

Sweet deal. Great service. Sam Pack Ford in Carrollton, TX.

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