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Sorry no help about that particular product but I'd be concerned about NAV updates. They appear to have NAVTEQ software but it is expensive each time you want new maps. Garmin has free updates. I looked at that unit (or perhaps a similar one) for a while too but decided against it - but I think the one I looked at was on aliexpress. Also - getting the pinouts to match will be tricky if they don't have US support with cables even though the unit shows a Ford splash screen. And it isn't cheap either. Try looking at Crutchfield to see what they have or a local Sound shop when they have sales. Crutchfield also sell lots of cables to make what they sell fit - and other units too I believe. They have good reviews.
I put in a Ford "Brick" Nav unit which is an OEM product and am finding that some hardwired signals don't work and the unit needs to be sent in for programming to 4DTech or similar. I checked the hardwired signals (illumination) and they don't work either so the unit doesn't know when I turn the lights on which should dim the display. Others are upgrading to the Clarion NAV from the 2009 models and 4D tech sell kits to make them plug and play. Expensive but probably a great product which you'd be happy with.
Good luck.
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