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Well I picked my radio a Kenwood excelon KDC-X798
a metra 99-5812 dash kit
a metra 70-5521 wiring harness ? this I hope I got the right one? as I have not seen how the back of the stock
radio is wired if this shaker 500 unit only has two wiring plug ore does it have three wiring plugs??
need a little advice here please if some one has taken there shaker 500 multi cd unit out if so how many plugs are there
Why as I was looking for the wiring harness connector there is the one I got above and the other one that has three plugs

I have already upgraded the stock 5x7 speaker
and I plan on using the stock 6" shaker subs that are in the doors so I got three of those radio shack 7805 12v to 5v regulators
so I take it that I need one regulator for each of the stock sub amps of the shaker amps??

I also have a 4 channel amp I plan on connecting to the new 5x7 speakers

then I am not good at this point I was thinking of making a subwoofer box that will fit right behind the back set about 2" away from the seat and then make some mounting brackets to mount the box then cut the holes in the box to face the subwoofers forward into the car then I can mount the amps on the back side of the box in the trunk? will this work??
I need as much space in my trunk as I can get is my problem

right now my problem is this worry about the harness if I got the right one I wish to do as much wiring out side of the car as I can
as to make the install faster

thanks for any help / advice

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