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Hi, I built a system for myself. I used 6 washing machine hoses! Due to the amount of factory plumbing, there is no space for a large diameter hose between the valance and the airbox; hence the six washing machine hoses! The best way I could see for getting cool air into the airbox and on to spray the filter (I have a C&L CAI) was via the lower driver side valance; there is a handily placed honeycomb on either side of the lower valance, I chose the drivers side. Basically, I cut 6 holes into the honeycomb, fixed the hose(s) in place and ran them up into the airbox, I then used cable ties to hold them in the airbox and for added whizz so they sprayed air into all areas of the box. I then added a fine mesh over the holes and painted the mesh in 'valance black'.

I have no idea if it makes a real difference but it certainly wont hurt. Intake for my car5 is a C&L CAI, homemade ram air, CMCV delete and a Steeda spacer. The car seems to breather pretty well and revs nicely.

Hope this helps.
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