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Cost/Benefit analysis: Keep the '11 GT or trade it for 2015 in while possible?

Hey, guys.
I posted this over on the TMS forums this morning too...I don't mean to double up but it might be a worthwhile discussion here too!! Any thoughts are welcome:

How have you guys considered this quandry? How did you make your decision?

I'm astonishingly stuck straight in the middle on this one:
Keep my 2011 GT BBP with 22,000 miles or trade it while the trading is good?

I had a test drive of a '15 GT PP/6spd car back in the fall [/url](detailed in a thread in the 2015 forum) and I liked it...better in many objective ways than my 2011 GT but not as much fun in other subjective measures. Regardless of how close these cars are on paper, the 2015 certainly didn't feel as quick as my S197.
I wasn't blown away.

Pros of keeping the '11:
No more car payments
I really like the bodystyle and the way the car looks, drives, sounds
I'll have a budget to start modding

Cons of keeping the '11:
22,000 miles means I'm getting near some major expenses
Will need $1200 of tires in the spring
Early build 2011 could mean that I'm on borrowed time with failures
Suspension mods I want will be like a $20 shine on a $3 pair of boots

Pros of trading in for a 2015:
Low mileage/condition of my '11 resulted in a good trade offer (for now)
Starting over with a fresh warranty
Car will handle better in stock form than '11 will with mods
Much cheaper to opt for Recaro seats in a '15 than to add them to '11
Vastly improved Coyote engine with greater potential for mods
Performance Pack equipment is very desirable
Improved MT82
Track apps and access all that lovely data would be fun- costly to add to '11

Cons of trading in for a 2015
I'll have to finance a portion of the purchase price (~35% or so)
I'll have to say goodbye to a car I really like
Very likely to be significant upgrades for '16/'17 (as has been the pattern)
I dislike the idea of a slower accelerating, heavier car
Just can't get my head around the looks...
Honestly, this is a great problem to have. I love my S197...I'd love the '15 too.

What are your thoughts? Why did you decide to keep your S197?

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