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Originally Posted by KC3333 View Post

Hopefully all the improvements will attract a bunch of new Mustang fans. I'll likely be sitting out the first couple S550 MYs.
I sat in one for the first time yesterday. You can really tell they're trying to make this a global car that will compete with the premium euro coupes. I have the highest quality aftermarket leather covers on my car, but the seats on the 2015 make my 2012 seem like a bus bench. They are more comfy than my Lazy-Boy recliner in fact...

I was indifferent with the interior pics on the web, but in person, it looks great. Finally, the base car stands on it's own with the nice faux carbon fiber treatment.

If the front end wasn't so fugly, and if it had the side C scoops like the classic cars, it would be a 100% winner. The car is too bulbous as well, and should have more sharp angles; it's not a Tiburon.

With regards to mustang styling, Ford needs to find a balance between modern and classic designs. BMW, Jeep, Porshce, Challenger, prove that extreme styling changes are not necessary. Ford, like the other big 3, are at their worst when they push a radical new "pontiac aztec" type of design out of nowhere...."evolution" grasshapper. The 2015 rear end on my car, would be a source of endless drool for me.

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