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Originally Posted by Mustangfreak196 View Post
OP or anybody else, how do you still like the tune after a few months? Any issues? Been thinking about getting it for my '13.
Oh, yeah...

Love the tune!

Issues? Yup. Still pings a little.

Took it off, flashed back to stock with the latest IDS for the '13 (which was a little 'crisper' BTW) - waited a year or so until the 'new' tune came out - had FRPP 'burn' me the "new" one (without the 'lope' and such).

It's been back on for about 15,000 miles or so (I'm now at about 55,000 total).

It runs like a scalded dog - I just can't be without it! Especially with the low-end improvement, and crisp throttle response. It's very 'linear' now with the throttle curve.

Are there better tunes out there? Probably. But this is the best one for ME - slight 'ping' and all.

I built an oil separator and did everything in my power to get rid of it, but to no avail. Some 'ping,' some don't.

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