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Ok it is done and it is ALIVE
First off disassembly to get the radio out is not that hard direction to do this is posted all over the web!
I will say this that collar around the auto shifter is sharp as hell on the bottom edge so don't just use your fingers pulling it up and off.
The A/C control face has 5 plugs use your eye's and look hard at the plugs-in, on the pass side you have to push in a tab on the top and the pull a locking lever down to unplug it the rest are easy just look!!!
now I went in this with a plan and I did all the pre-wiring I could and all and I do mean all of my connection are soldered even all my connectors to the wires are all soldered!
the stock shaker 500 radio has three plugs the metra harness kit only uses two of these plugs I just put a piece of electrical tap over the one that was not used.
I ran my power wire from the battery over to the drivers side and this wire is in some flex guard to that point then inside the car I ran all my (3 rca cables, 9 wire speaker cable, power wire and amp control wire ) wires down the drivers side to the trunk!
now I posted above about making a subwoofer box out of plywood and this is why I used plywood 38" long 6" on top 9"on bottom by 12" high and I put in a divider and reinforced blocking inside glued it all together and used 2" staples and sheetrock screws to put it altogether then I coated it all in and out in 3m rubberized coating and then glued speaker carpet on top of that. I filled the inside of each compartment with poly fill drilled holes for the speaker wires on the back side installed the kicker 10" comp subs, mounted both of my amps on the back side of the box
used a power splitter to get power to both amps, hooked up all the other wiring and then pushed that sub box right up next the back seat so the speakers are about 2 inches away from the back side of the back seats!
this is a very tight fit I had to cut some of the trim on the top deck afterword's i could or should have made the sub box 35" or 34"long! Then i pushed the box in place, i had to push and shove really hard then i made three brackets to mount on top and screwed into the sub box and self tapping screws into the metal upper deck!
I still have i would say about 80 to 90% of my trunk space!
i have been a pioneer radio lover for over 20 years and this is my first Kenwood deck but i could not find a single din pioneer deck with all the features as this Kenwood does so when i fired this setup for the first time i was pleased
to hear no popping sounds from the stock shaker 500 subs
I did not however know how to tune these amps at the time so i just played around to were it sounded good to me,
The level adjustment i take it is what the amount of power sent to the speakers?? When i turn the level up the speakers start sounding like crap! So at this point the level settings on all 4 channel on the 4 channel amp for the speakers is set at 1/4 turn or 25% and the 2 channel amp on the 2 kicker 10" subs are at 1/4 turn!
So please correct me if i misinterpret this the level adjustment is the power output of the amp to the speakers so at 1/4 turn is like maybe 150 watts per speaker?
and the subs at maybe 250 watts?? on both 1000 watt amps?
I did some goggling about tuning the amps and found this site and will try this on my next day off
How to make the bass in your car sound its best
How to Tune and Adjust Amplifier Gains and Bass Boost | Learning Center | Sonic Electronix

Now for some insight the stock subs of the shaker 500 in the doors really came alive with this new Kenwood deck I did not change the stock amps or nothing and that got me thinking that maybe I did not need to use that 1000 watt 4 channel amp for the four speakers but it is done
I am not one of those that like bass to the point you start making a ratttteeellll trap out of your car but I do like to feel some bass as well as hearing it so with 4 speakers and 4 subwoofers
to me this Mustangs stereo sounds bad ass good!
I had the 4 channel amp from an old project so my cost of all this the deck, amp, speakers, install kit, wiring, plywood, poly fill, carpet, and misc. about $527.00
$500.00 more then I wanted to spend
But Dad just had to out do his two Sons this time
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