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Rule 1) Have fun!

I've been a few times so I'm familiar with my first time going. Ask other regulars what to do, they are very helpful. Don't run in the slicks-only lane (if they have one). Enjoy yourself. You will be nervous but it's normal. Go around the water box and back up into don't want to track a bunch of water to the starting line.

Your first couple passes just test out how you launch...launch off idle slipping the clutch. Make adjustments as you go. Launch as if you are launching on the street and get more aggressive the more comfortable you get.

I think you can get mid 13s fairly easily with your setup...with practice low 13s/high 12s, depending on our 60ft, shouldn't be a issue.

I'm not a veteran racer so this is just from my experience. You will have some good advice coming our way.

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