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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post

That guy was me. I still hold that Mustang sales will be lucky to hit 100,000 US sales. I stated in another posting that worldwide sales may be upwards to 110,000, but wouldn't sustain at that.

2005/2006 Mustang sales were in the (if memory serves) 140,000 yearly sales ballpark, something which the new 2015 Mustang won't come close to achieving.

Sales for 2015 Mustang may hit 100,000 first year sales, but it will not sustain it. In fact one website is already projecting that the 2015 Mustang could develop into a sales failure for Ford based on January monthly sales decline, but that could be due to winter weather, so we need to see if the spring sales bring a recovery.

Monthly Mustang Sales (includes left over 14's)

Oct. 2014---4,565 units
Nov. 2014---8,728 units
Dec. 2014---9,511 units
Jan. 2015---8,694 units

2014 Mustang sales
March 2014---9,305
May 2014---9,761

In comparison, the May 2014 Mustang monthly sales was 9,761 which the 2015 Mustang redesign has yet to beat. Ford should be slightly worried at this point because the 2015 Mustang redesign should be clobbering the "old" 2014 Mustang model. Camaro still beat Mustang for the 2014 sales crown. Mustang sold 82,635 units for 2014 while Camaro came in at 86,297.When the new 2016 Camaro appears in mid/late 2015, Mustang sales will drop.

My Force powers is giving me insight into this developing scenario.

Jedi Dave
I'm not sure it's even remotely close to fair to compare January 2015 sales to March/May 2014 sales, as warmer months are sure to be better for this type of car.

The 8,694 sales in January beat the past two Januarys combined.

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