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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
That guy was me. I still hold that Mustang sales will be lucky to hit 100,000 US sales. I stated in another posting that worldwide sales may be upwards to 110,000, but wouldn't sustain at that.

2005/2006 Mustang sales were in the (if memory serves) 140,000 yearly sales ballpark, something which the new 2015 Mustang won't come close to achieving.
I have notes on most years. 2006 was 166,530 according to the Wall Street Journal. We'll assume this to be a yearly number and not a model year number. Ford said 165,762 in 2006.

Total Mustang production was 9M from 1965-2011.

I agree that 2006 was the recent peak. It fell below 100K in 2009. It hasn't been above that number since. I say <100K units is a sure bet.

It can still stay profitable with these numbers.

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