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Originally Posted by kenefise97 View Post
Its a 5 speed with stock gears.

this is what the car has.
SCOA Specifications
The quickest launch will be lots of revs (~5000rpms) and A LOT of clutch slip. Revs will keep the motor in the powerband and clutch slip willl keep from blowing the tires off.

Here's the problem with that. It takes A LOT of finesse to pull this off.

If you're new to this stuff and you want to work your way up, my best advice is "a bog is faster than a spin". In other words, if you blow the tires off on the hit, the pass is over. At least if you bog it out of the hole, it won't be the quickest pass, but it won't be a throwaway pass either.

You could try launch at 3k but slipping the clutch enough to keep the tires from spinning. This is something you can practice on the street, but the car will hook a little better on the track.

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