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I'm currently shopping for a 2015 GT Premium Coupe and used True Car (curiosity mostly) and got 3 offers ranging from $1400 under MSRP to $4600 under MSRP.

The $1400 was actually an error and should have been $3400 under MSRP. X-Plan is actually more. I'm not having any issue getting $4k off a $38k MSRP car.

I did have one dealer tell me about "two invoices" which immediately caused me great concern. I asked for a quote and he wanted me to come in to get that "great" price. I welcome him to 2015 and the age of the Internet and told him to send me the quote or piss off.

I'm a bit surprised at the kind of deals available for the new model year. And this is with only $500 customer cash and $500 military rebate. So.. basically $3500 off with a $500 kicker some folks might not get. I do need to sign up for the American Quarterhorse Assocation, however. That's worth another $500, IIRC. Request a brochure from Ford (mailed) and you get a chance at another $750 off. (Not everyone will get it.)

I think the thread is old and dated and should probably be closed unless someone has recent price gouging information.

With that, I have a 2011 V6 I'd like to sell for about $34k. It's in the expensive Kona Blue color and it's an MCA -- RARE! (Actually my build is very rare but whatever... it's still a 2011 Mustang V6. I'll negotiate a little. LOL)
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