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There's an oil life monitor, so you don't get any mileage intervals directly. You do get some guidance for when to expect a message.

What isn't clear is what the owner manual means by 'load'. I would consider track or dragstrip driving to constitute "maximum load" driving even though the car would be empty other than the driver and perhaps a track day instructor.

Originally Posted by online Owner Manual page 418
When to expect the OIL CHANGE REQUIRED message
Interval Vehicle use and example

700010000 mi
(12,00016,000 km)
Normal commuting with highway driving
No, or moderate, load or towing
Flat to moderately hilly roads
No extended idling

50007000 mi
(8,00011,999 km)
Moderate to heavy load or towing
Mountainous or off-road conditions
Extended idling
Extended hot or cold operation

30005000 mi
(4,8007,999 km) Maximum load or towing
Extreme hot or cold operation


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