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Originally Posted by midlife-stanger View Post
To me the filter is often overlooked. Buy youreslf a quality filter. I switched to wix a few years back and am very happy with the relults. On my work car my driving is for the most part the same type as I dont beat on it. I change my oil around every 7000 miles. But I also watch my gas milage.
If it starts to drop and tire pressure is ok I dump the oil even if it's at 2000 miles. Little things can tell you what is going on with oil and your engine.
My old honda would get a little noisy when the oil went south and milage would drop. It kills me that my new subaru does not have full gauges.
I just use the Ford Racing Filters for the 5.0. It's more expensive but higher flow / collects more pollutants. It's a bit larger than the standard Motorcraft filter.

I go with a 5k or every 6 month change. I have a short commute and put about 6-8k a year on my vehicles so I'm happy to call that "Severe". The Ford Service department wants me to do it every 3 months. I think not. I believe the owner's manual also stipulates changing the oil at least two times a year regardless of mileage.
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