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I use to run low 14's with my 93 5.0 with the stock engine in it. But it took a while to get there, but I did it by changing simple things in the whole process. I would suggest getting another set of rims and drag radials, or even better Hoosier Quick Time Pros, and change them at the track. Drive around the water box and back in. This eliminates the fronts from bringing water up to the line so when you launch, your back tires don't spin from the water from the fronts. Point your drivers side rear mirror down so you can see the rear tire so you can see the smoke off the tires. When the starter signals you, rip the tires quick in the water box in 1st gear and roll ahead out of the water box about 4 ft. Shift into 2nd gear, rpms up to 4000 and dump the clutch( I would suggest a line lock) When the tires start to smoke and you feel the rpms bog, let off the line lock and roll out of the burn out. Then pre-stage, and slowly stage. For consistent launches, I would go with 3500-4000 rpms, depending on track prep etc... you may be able to go higher or have to go lower. Let the clutch out as fast as you can, I wouldn't slip it or dump it. Then for your shift points(I would get a shift light) would be a little over your peak horsepower per spec of your engine set-up. For example, my Gt40 crate engine is 5100 rpms and I shift at 5600rpms to keep me in the power band. You will have to experiment to see what yields the best times for you. Shift as consistently and quickly as possible without missing a gear though. It's not easy, but so much fun. I don't know if you are bracket racing or just seeing how fast you can go for times? In bracket racing you want to be able to run the same et every time. That's what wins races. And reaction times. Best bet for reaction times is not to watch the tree go down. Look at the yellow light before the green and leave when you see it flash. That way you are not anticipating the tree which results in a red light most of the time. have fun! Hope this helps.

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