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I'm running the same stuff, other than the suspension. My car has a road racing suspension, built by Agent 47. Driving ability aside, horsepower is horsepower, right? It should come down to horsepower to weight? My car has had the full lightening treatment. Rear seat delete, no sound deadening everything not needed is gone. It does have a full cage in it but, the extra weight should be offset by the stiffening of the chassis. I'm sure the Saleen is probably a more comfortable, quiter ride. At the probable cost of weight.
As far as the driving, I'm talking about the cars. You were saying the Saleen is a faster car. I am talking with the same driver in both cars.
The Saleen has 435 BHP. I don't know how much parasitic loss that there would be at the wheels but, I bet it's more than 15 HP.
I'm sure the Saleen is a nicer, more polished and comfortable car.

06 GT Saleen powered 3v, 420 RWHP. 5 speed manual. Double A arm front suspension, coil over rear with custom links. Baer big brakes all around . Kenisis racing wheels, 275/40/18 Nittos. Full cage, Cobra racing seats, rear seat delete. Agent 47 "The Hunter" prototype.
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