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Originally Posted by blu13gt View Post
Your not including a lot here so I'm confused. What did you pay for your car total including TTL and down payment, minus the rebate?
So the price of vehicle + sales tax : $30,819.40

add all the little license fees, title fees, inventory fee, destination fee, fee fee, etc was : $31,163.37

less $500 rebate : $30,663.37

less 1500 positive trade equity : $29,163.37

less 3043 down (I know it's a weird number but part of it was a pro-rated refund amount from the gap on my 2013 trade-in) : $26,120.37

I don't know how much easier to make that short of just posting a picture of the contract lol. I work for a lienholder and look at contracts every day so maybe I'm just explaining it weird because I'm more used to just looking at the cash sale price, optionals and finance terms.

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