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The Steeda unit has been getting a lot of traction on the other forum - 6G.

You can read about the construction of our units here:

Why Steeda Cold Air Intakes Blow Away The ?Competition? | Steeda Blog

Here are some reviews regarding the 15 Steeda CAI:

Have had the luxury of getting my hands on this nice intake, along with the Steeda tunes, as soon as it arrived, gotta say its the best there is hands down. I waited months for this intake to arrive. and it sounds amazing, GAINED HELLA GRUNT!! I can pretty much haul up grades with ease. Definitely a massive difference from stock. Install does take a little effort, but with anything good comes some work. - See more at: Steeda ProFlow Mustang Cold Air Intake - Manual GT (2015) | Free Shipping!
Cold Air Intake: First thing first, this set was huge! When the box arrived I thought it was something my wife might have ordered or something When i opened it i was happily surprised by what all was in there as i was expecting just the cone and pipe. The filter included is HUGE like practical joke big and it has the end cap on it has more filter material allowing for even more airflow. I had a similar set up on my old 350Z and i loved the sound from it. The tubing is substantially thick plastic that seemed pretty clean on the seams and all the holes were clear of plastic and were properly sized. Another feature that I hadn't expected was the aluminum velocity stack's build quality. I was honestly expecting either plastic wrapped in a beer can or just a beer can.. When i saw the stack i was very impressed as the welds and measurements were flawless. Even the restrictor that came with it fit like a glove. Putting all these together makes for a nice package with a very high end feel, a clean look and a feeling of confidence in my purchase. After the install I fired it up and immediately fell in love with the sound. It lines up with the "scoop" in the hood so with the window down and the sound tube in place the sound under load is incredible. Throttle response was snappier and power felt around the same. MPG dropped but thats cause i couldn't stay out of it! otherwise it seemed like about a 1 MPG gain on the hwy. Tuner: The SCT X4 seems like a pretty decent tuner, i ran a diablosport intune on my old challenger and i'd say the load time is comparable but the SCT seems more responsive. Tune went on without an issue although when it tunes the car unlike the dodge that just sits in acc mode, the mustang cuts out all the lights in the car thus ensuring my crimping of my seat fabric thinking i just bricked my car... after i took a breath and came to peace with the idea of listening to my wife's "i told you so's" for the next year it came back to life. When i loaded up the tune it worked and worked well. I felt a noticeable difference in the power delivery and the smoothness of acceleration. Felt like butter, really fast butter. Torque down low felt much more available and it pulls harder. Not sure on the numbers as i live an hour from a dyno and i'm not only broke but lazy as well for that sort of stuff.. Steeda: I've never messed with this company before as I was previously an import or Mopar man. That being said every single experience i've had with these guys has been an absolute pleasure. They were not only quick to handle issues reported on this site but also through email and reached out to call and put me in touch with the tuner during later hours. They quickly answered all my questions and concerns and have effectively won me over as a true supporter. I'm actually going to put their sticker on the car.. who knows how much HP that will add but its going to be a first for me as stickers usually hit the toolbox. - See more at: Steeda ProFlow Mustang Cold Air Intake - Manual GT (2015) | Free Shipping!
Let me know if I can assist with pricing ... you can reach me at [email protected] or if you have any additional questions ... I am happy to help!

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