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Originally Posted by JBert View Post
If you buy these mods expecting to get the full performance improvement that they talk about in the ads, and you actually check to see if you got it, in most cases you will be disappointed.

But still, depending on how you look at it, they are not a "waste of money" . . . . this whole hobby is just for fun; how many of us actually race our cars and are counting on that 0.1 second improvement, really? Buy this stuff because:
  • they are cool toys
  • its a fun little project to install them and then see the coolness of your work
  • they look neat under the hood
  • they give you something to talk and/or brag about (depending on how you roll)
  • it makes your car unique
  • you can tell yourself that your car is faster now, or gets better mileage, or whatever . . . no need to concern yourself with whether that is true of not
  • chicks dig guys who can do stuff with their hands
  • etc. etc. etc.
Lol this ^^^

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