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Originally Posted by foozer View Post
Hey guys, I'm new here, I apologize in advance if this thread is out of place.

But I wanted to get some input and thoughts on cold air intakes; are they worth it? are there any cons to having one (damage to engine, etc.)? any brand recommendations (knn, etc.)?

Here are my thoughts on Intakes.

1. They look cool and they sound cool
2. This is something you will easily be able to install yourself.
3. They are worth owning if you are having a support cast of add on's that will require you to free up as much air restriction as possible.
4. They are worth it if you plan on running boost/FI.
5. Most cases result in a slight boost in MPG's

1. If you are expecting a noticeable gain on its own then you will be disappointed.
2. Those CAI/Tuner combos you see, the majority of those gains are the tune. You can buy the tune on its own.
3. The power per dollar is not good at all on its own.

All in all if you want this for looks, sound and the ability to say you do you own work then sure. People have spent more money to say this lol. If you are going to have a supporting cast of parts that will make better use then I would also say yes. If none of these apply then I would say no and save your money for another mod. I hope this helps.
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