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Originally Posted by pekofske View Post
CAI doesn't help much unless you have a larger exhaust to move all that air out, on the other hand cooler air entering the intake helps your car burn fuel more efficiently, my guess is any mustang owner will take 1-2 more mpg, that makes it worth it.
There is a lot of truth in this. The engine is actually an air pump. Volume in and volume out. CAI's and throttle body spacers are all just hype if you don't follow through with things on the back end. I'm a noob to the Mustang, but I know these things from previous vehicles and mods. In all truth, the exit flow should come first, then the inflow. Not sure why I was even looking at 73mm throttle bodies yesterday....but it's always fun to look right?
Cooler air in is good, it's the density actually and a higher flowing filter than stock is just building upon the OEM engineering. Don't get me wrong, but the high dollar kits are like fish bait and guarantees of 5-10hp is simply BS just for installing it. I won't knock K&N for their products. I still use their oil filters exclusively on one of my vehicles running all synthetic motor oil. Any air filter that you have to oil and clean occasionally is just not much better than a dry filter with more surface area like an Amsoil filter.
Marketing is marketing. Everyone is just jumping at the chance to take your hard earned money (take the government for example), and they will do almost anything to make you believe that you need their product to make everything better. That can turn into a tailspin for those who are not willing to wait for the best advice. The working man has to be careful with his credit cards. The government wishes you would use them to no end so you can end up depending on them soon.
Technology is also screwing us in ways, just when we think that high tech stuff is making things easier for us, it's actually stabbing us in the back and we let it.
Okay, before I get a full page ad going here........ Spend your money however you see fit. You start in the wrong place, it will just keep on building. That's what the market depends on.......and the market doesn't exactly make America these days. Remember....our government is printing money like it was going out of style. Money that's actually costing more to make than what it's worth.
My bad....rant over. I just saw an opportunity and ran with it. My apologies if I got off subject or offended anyone.

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