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P1450 code - Replace Fuel Tank Pressure sensor?

Hi fellows,

So I got a P1450 engine light code about a month ago ("unable to bleed up fuel tank vaccum") in my 2012 GT. I read a bit online but didn't find anything conclusive, so I tried cleaning the code but it came up again after 2 weeks.

I took the card to the dealer, and they condemned the FTP sensor:

"EEC Test P1450: Test system fuel tank pressure sensor is stuck at 1.9V, should be at 2.6. Test wiring passed, requires new sensor and tube assy. Sensor has been undercoated likely the causing fault."

Ok, indeed my car got undercoated, but I wouldn't expect this to make a sensor to fail. In any case, the part number required was "DR3Z-9E325-A" which costs $140, and they said 1.5 hours of label is required.

Looking online, I found out that this part is actually just a fuel hose (does this even come with the sensor they mentioned it needs to be replaced?), and someone said it can be swapped very easily:
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Anyone has a similar issue? Is there any way I can test to make sure it is indeed the sensor and fix this at home? It looks like it's too simple of a problem to pay $400 at the dealer...

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