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2015 Roush Stage 2: ride along!

Well, started off as a trip to the dealer to get new O2 sensors for my sons 94GT. We got to the dealership and was met by a big dude, smiling from ear to ear...saying..."I had one of those that the original owner made into a "COBRA" wanna be! Loved it but had to sell because of too many tickets!" I like him already! I replied so whats the baddest monster on the lot? He pointed to a 2015 ROUSE Stage 2 Silver Mustang. I said so what does it take to get a ride?? He smiled and said he'd be back!! My son was like..."Dad are we really going to ride in that?" I said yeah why not, we're not buying one and he'll be driving so he's responsible for it!

Fast forward...we walked around the car. Now I like to new mustangs, I though I liked the Roush kits but after seeing one close up....well, not so much. The "Roush kit" didn't really do much for the eye, the hood scoop looked , odd...then i find out it is attached with 2 sided tape! Really?? Under the hood a little better, I did like the supercharger...everything else looked stock, kind of boring. The ride impression. I rode well, not quite the awe factor I was looking for out of a $63,000 car!

Personally, I think i'd get a 2016 5.0 and add the go fast goodies and be way better off!

My personal opinion though! I have seen the Shelby's and like them WAY better!

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